Why Orto
The plan?

To make the best Sonos app that uses all the Apple ecosystem's cool powers

There are a plenty of decent Sonos apps but none of them do everything. For example, you can have a good app for your Apple Watch but it won't talk to your other Apple devices

Want Shortcuts? Great but they won't work on all your devices :(

If you have a house full of Sonos speakers and are fully bought into the Apple ecosystem you should have all the options

Apple have allowed widgets for years now, but no one rushed to make a Sonos widget

When Apple invents new ways to control or view your Sonos we will make it

So the vision is for you to control your Sonos system on all your Apple devices in all the ways possible. At the time of writing we have covered iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Siri Shortcuts, Home Screen Widgets and Lock Screen Widgets.

If you have an Apple Silicon Mac you can also use the Orto iPad App on your Mac, but we ARE working on a dedicated Mac app.

But - why subscription?

People don't like paying for app subscriptions, that is clear. But we think it is the only honest way to do this. Orto should always be developing as the Apple ecosystem develops, it's not one and done. We need to match the timing of our income with the costs which means a steady flow of income to match the steady flow of costs.

We believe this is why no existing Sonos Apps do what we want Orto to do. An app with a one-off cost leaves no incentive for the developer to keep working on that app. They got all the money from users up-front and have probably now moved on to the next project.

Also, Subscriptions mean Free Trials are possible. No one should have to pay anything for an app that doesn't give them value

So if - like us - you have spent $1,000s on Sonos speakers and some unfathomable amount on Apple products we hope $1 a month is a fair amount to pay to unlock it's full potential.

If you have any features we want to add - let us know.

Tim @ Orto