How to add a Sonos widget to iPhone or iPad

Install a Sonos Widget on iOS Device

The official Sonos App doesn't include an iOS Widget. This tutorial shows you how to add one using the Orto app.

Steps in this tutorial require the premium version of Orto. Download on the Apple App Store

Steps to add a Widget for controlling Sonos

Tap and hold on the background (avoid icons) on the icon page you want to add the Orto for Sonos Widget


The icons will start shaking. Tap the '+' Icon at the top left


Search for "Orto". Alternatively you can scroll down through you apps (listed alphabetically) until you find Orto


Tap on Orto


Swipe right to see the different widget size options. Once you have found the size you want tap 'Add Widget' button at the bottom

Important to know

Apple update Widgets to their own schedule. You can always force an update by tapping the widget (which will open the app)

The faint grey timestamp tells you when Apple last updated the Widget

The little icons at the top of widget will:

Play / Pause whatever is playing on the current Speaker
Open a list of your Shortcuts in the Orto App
Edit your speaker groups (ie volumes and players)
Open your Sonos favorites

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