How to control Sonos with Apple Watch

Control your Sonos with Apple Watch

There's no official Sonos Apple Watch app. This tutorial shows you how to control your Sonos with an Apple Watch using the Orto app.

Orto Watch app requires the premium version of Orto. Download on the Apple App Store

All the Watch Controls

Change Group or Player
Swipe Left / Right
Skip Track
Double Tap on middle of screen; or
Tap Menu > Skip Track
Toggle Play / Pause
Tap the Play / Pause button
Change Volume
Scroll the digital crown
Mute by tapping the volume number
Edit Group
Tap Menu > Speakers Icon
Add Player to Group with +
Remove Player from Group with -
Change volume with slider
Mute by tapping the speaker
Play Favorite
Tap Menu > Favorties Icon
Pick favorite
Must have Sonos Favorites already set up
Set TV Input
Swipe to Group > Menu > Favorites Icon
Pick TV Input
Set Aux Input
Swipe to Group > Menu > Favorites Icon
Pick Aux Input
Play Shortcut
Tap Menu > Shortcuts Icon
Pick shortcut
Must have Orto Shortcuts already set up
Playlist Modes
Start Playlist > Tap Menu
Toggle Shuffle button
Toggle Repeat button
Toggle Crossfade button
Home Theatre Modes
Tap Menu
Toggle Night Sound
Toggle Speech Enhancement Sound
Options will only show if group contains soundbar
Mute Group
Tap the bottom left volume number
(the number represents current volume)

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