How to create a Sonos scene

Create Sonos 'Scenes' with the Orto app

Most smart home devices do scenes. A scene will set a group of devices to a certain state at the same time.

In this example we're going to set two unpaired Sonos speakers to play a TV input at different volumes. This could be useful to optimize the sound in different areas of the room (eg table vs sofa)

Steps in this tutorial require the premium version of Orto. Download on the Apple App Store

Steps 1 to 5

Load Orto and Tap the Shortcuts icon on the bottom bar


Tap 'Shortcuts +' title button at the top of the screen


Pick the player / players you want to trigger with this Shortcut


Tap 'Play a Favorite'


Pick the TV input

Steps 6 to 11

Pick no to shuffle, it won't apply with a TV


Pick yes when asked if you want to set the volume


Set the relative volumes you want. These bars will start with the current volume so you could set the volumes ahead of time if you prefer


Tap 'Okay'


Check the Shortcut description matches what you want to happen - test it with the little play icon at the bottom right. Then tap the 'Add to Siri' button


Amend the 'When I say' field to your choice of phrase. This is what you will tell Siri when you want to trigger the Shortcut. Tap 'Add to Siri' when ready

Time to test your Shortcut

Activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" or holding the side button on your iPhone

Repeat the phrase you set for your Siri Shortcut

That's it! You could also trigger your shortcut from:

a) within the Orto Apple Watch App
b) in the Apple Shortcuts App
c) on an Apple Shortcuts Widget
d) from within the Orto iOS App

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